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Q: What is "wi-fi"?
: Wi-fi is short for "wireless fidelity". Instead of cables, internet connections are made through radio waves. Wi-fi access points send out the waves to your device and receive signals sent back to it.

Q: What is "The City of Covington Wi-Fi"?
A: The City of Covington Wi-Fi (CityofCov) is a wireless signal provided free by the City of Covington. Signal transmitters/receivers called "access points" are located in several areas of The City of Covington.

Q: How do I connect to The City of Covington Wi-Fi?
A: First, you must be in the vicinity of a wi-fi access point. Next, open the software application that you use to connect to wireless networks and look for the signal called "CityofCov". Note: Some wi-fi software connection applications require you to manually enter the signal name or SSID.
Once connected, open your web browser. You will then see a "Terms of Use" page. Read the terms completely and choose "Agree" if you wish to use The City of Covington Wi-Fi service.

Q: I can’t find the The City of Covington Wi-Fi signal on my computer screen.
: In order to connect to a wi-fi signal you must have an internal or external "wi-fi card". Most newer laptops may have a wi-fi card built-in. Older computers or laptops can have them installed. Wi-fi cards are dual wireless transmitters and receivers. The City of Covington Wi-Fi network is compatible with all major wi-fi cards. Ensure that the wi-fi card you choose has the 'Wi-Fi Certified' logo on the box.
If you have a wi-fi card installed and it cannot find the signal you are likely too far away from an access point or something is blocking the signal. Wi-fi will only penetrate a limited distance from the street into buildings. We recommend indoor users sit near windows to receive the best signal.

Q: I know I am close to an access point and I can see the "CityofCov" WiFi signal but I can't connect to the Internet.
A: Your ability to use the signal is dependent on two things:
1. The strength of the signal coming from the access point. Depending on distance from the access point and the type of building construction, the signal might be able to only penetrate a few feet inside of a building. The wi-fi access points are located outdoors so if you are sitting inside a building, move as close as possible to a window nearest the street or, if convenient, go outside.
2. The ability of your device to receive and send information back to the access point. Your wi-fi device is not as strong as the The City of Covington Wi-Fi access point so it's not able to connect. If possible, move your device closer to the street where the access points are located.

Q: If there are too many users on the system, will that affect my connection?
Heavy use of the system could slow down connection speed for individual users.

Q: Why does the system log me out every 2 hours?
We limit session time to 2 hours for every user. This is a requirement to balance the user load.

Q: I'm connected to The "CityofCov" Wi-Fi and I have a strong signal but when I open my web browser I get a Page cannot be found error.
There are two reasons for this error,
1) It takes a few minutes after you make a wireless connection for the system to connect you to the network.
2) There could be a problem with the one of the outdoor wireless units. We monitor the network 24/7 to detect problems like this and can repair most problems within 24-48 hours. If this problem persists, please contact us via

Q. I have a Wi-Fi enabled device other than a PC or Laptop. Will it work on The City of Covington Wi-Fi?
The network is designed to work with PCs and laptops and we cannot ensure that all wi-fi enabled devices will work at this time. Please contact the manufacturer of your device for further questions.

Q. How fast is the network connection on The "CityofCov" Wi-Fi?
Each user is allocated  only a certain amount of bandwidth or access speed to the Internet. During heavy usage, the speed of the connection will slow down.

Q: Is The City of Covington Wi-Fi a secure connection?

A: The City of Covington Wi-Fi does not use encryption when transmitting wireless data however, data transmitted over secure websites denoted by HTTPS in the URL or website name is secure. Company VPN services for emailing are also secure.
Emails sent thought services like Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Google mail, along with Instant Messaging is transmitted in clear text and can be intercepted. Please ensure that you are not sending any confidential or personal information while connected to The "CityofCov" Wi-Fi or any other unencrypted wireless network while using these free services.
Consider using a software firewall like McAfee, Norton, or a firewall on your device to protect and notify you of any attempts to access your PC while connected to the network. Some of these products also have virus and spyware protection. Keep software protection products up to date and scan your computer routinely for additional protection.