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 FREE WIRELESS Internet (WiFi) is Here!

What is "WI-FI"?
Wi-Fi is short for "wireless fidelity". Instead of cables, internet connections are made through radio waves. Wi-Fi access points send out the waves to your device and receive signals sent back to it.

Why is "The City of Covington offering Wi-Fi"?
The City of Covington Wi-Fi is a wireless signal provided free by the City of Covington. Signal transmitters/receivers called "access points" will be located in several areas throughout the City of Covington. View the map to see what areas are currently covered.
In 2011 the City of Covington formed a committee to develop a Strategic Plan for the City of Covington. As a part of the Strategic Plan the City of Covington Strategic Planning committee added a strategy item called "Offering Access to the World". One of the action items under this strategy was offering Wireless Technology to Covington's citizens and visitors. The belief is that by offering this free service it will encourage visitors to visit these areas more often which will premote these areas as well as increase revenue inside the City of Covington city limits.
Currently this service is available in and around the Covington square. The coverage areas are identified by the small blue signs as seen on this page. If this project goes as planned, there will be other areas where the Wi-Fi service will be available in the future. The coverage area map on this page will be updated accordingly.
Corner Effect
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of Current Coverage Area