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Your Tax Dollars at Work: City of Covington Public Works Project Updates


As a city approaching its bicentennial, Covington has seen countless infrastructure improvements and upgrades through the decades. As that infrastructure ages, the City of Covington Public Works department constantly monitors and repairs issues as they arise. 

 City officials recently provided an update on public works and engineering projects currently underway.

 2018 LMIG Road Paving Project

With 100 miles of paved road in Covington, street conditions are constantly monitored and rated to determine which areas are in the most desperate need of resurfacing.

 The 2018 Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant will be responsible for paving eight streets in Covington. The bid for this project opened June 19, 2018 and will be sent to the council for approval July 2, 2018. Impacted roads will be milled 1.5 inches and topped with asphalt. The project is partially funded through a state grant with the city responsible for matching 30 percent. The estimated cost for the project with a 15 percent contingency is $350,502.18. Pending council approval, the anticipated start date is August 1, 2018. Weather permitting, the project is estimated to be complete in three weeks. Roads to be resurfaced include Cook St., Conyers St., Indie Cir., Peoples St., Westview Dr., Gold St., Cannon St., Avery St. and Phedora St.


Carr Circle Drainage Project

Roadway flooding issues on Carr Circle is dispensing stormwater over private property.

 The Carr Circle Drainage Project is a drainage improvement project totaling approximately $65,000.

 “The fix will include the reconfiguration and re-pouring of curb and gutter to reroute the stormwater,” said Transportation Manager Brad Stoothoff.

 The design for this project is complete with an anticipated start of August, 2018 and completion date of November, 2018. The project is paid for through the storm water utility fee.

  Walnut and Lackey Street Project

Currently in the design phase, a deteriorated 48-inch metal culvert will be replaced at the intersection of Walnut and Lackey Streets. Dangers of not correcting this issue include sinkhole formation and unstable ground. Scheduled to begin in September and completed by December, 2018, the budget for the project is projected at $45,000 and will be paid for from storm water utility fees.

 Covington Housing Authority Drainage Project

The City of Covington is partnering with the Covington Housing Authority to complete a $1 million drainage project. The city is responsible for $100,000 used to fix underground deteriorated drainage pipes which were installed in the 1970s. The project will be paid for with storm water utility fees.

 Mill Street Culvert Cleaning

Approximately five years ago, $200,000 was spent to replace an aging metal culvert under Mill Street. While that repair has worked as planned, sediment is accumulating at the headwall of the four-foot by eight-foot culvert that was installed, blocking drainage flow. Removal of the sediment is scheduled to take place on July 1, 2018 at a cost of $8,500. The project will be paid for with stormwater utility fees.


DWSRF Water Main Replacement Project Enters Final Stage

The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund water main replacement project is an ongoing $6 million venture consisting of three different phases. The goal of project is to replace aged water mains and install 51 fire hydrants, as well as other related appurtenances. Some of the water main being replaced is estimated to be 100-years old. Replacement began in the summer of 2014, and the city has used separate contractors for each phase.

 The final phase has a budget of $1.5 million and by the end of the year, approximately 70,000-feet of two, six and eight-inch galvanized and asbestos cement water mains will be replaced. 

 According to City of Covington Public Works Director, Tres Thomas, the crew is "on schedule and the project will be completed within 2018."

 The Mason Drive and Todd Drive area have recently been completed and crews will soon move to Brown Bridge Road to complete the project.

 Scarlett Drive Drainage Project

The Scarlett Drive drainage improvement project is a recently completed task in Brown Bridge Crossing. Approximately 110-feet of 24-inch drainage pipe was replaced, as the prior structure had become deteriorated, creating a sinkhole. The project was completed for $15,000 and paid for from storm water utility fees.

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