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The spreadsheet report view uses Office 2003 Web Components to provide a complete, interactive spreadsheet experience for Dashboard Viewer for SharePoint Services users. Office Web Components allows users to view spreadsheets and charts without having to install the individual Office product, such as Office Excel 2007 or Office Access 2007.

To view and interact with spreadsheet report views, users must have Office 2003 Web Components installed on their computers. If Office 2003 Web Components is not installed on your computer, a red x appears when you attempt to view a PivotTable report, PivotChart report, or a spreadsheet.

The Spreadsheet Report is a static view of an Excel spreadsheet, captured as an image and dropped into a dashboard to supplement the information presented in the dashboard's scorecard. As a supplemental report view, and with its wide appeal and use by financial officers, it can quickly deliver information pertaining to budgets, profit and loss figures, and other data refinements.

To get help with spreadsheets

  1. In the Office Report View Web Part, on the Office Web Components toolbar, click Help.

    Note   If the Help button does not appear on the Office Web Components toolbar, contact the administrator or business analyst responsible for creating this report view and ask them to increase the width of the report view.

  2. In Microsoft Office 2003 Spreadsheet Component Help, browse the table of contents for instructions, or click the Search tab to find specific instructions using full-text search.