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The Scorecard Web Part lets you see scorecard views that your organization has created. It displays a hierarchical arrangement of the key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives that are contained in whatever scorecard you have chosen to view.

The Scorecard Web Part provides visual indicators that show progress against performance goals at the KPI level and at a higher level of collections of KPIs called objectives. KPI-level and objective-level indicators can also be rolled up to provide a scorecard-level indicator.

In the Scorecard Web Part, a toolbar is displayed that allows you to do the following:

Toolbar Button Function

Filter Status

Select rows to be displayed by indicator


Collapses a list by one level


Expands a list by one level

Show Default Rollup

Shows the average weighted score of children

Show Worst Child Rollup

Shows the status of the worst immediate child

Show Indicator Count Rollup

Filters out the KPIs with indicator values above a given level.


Enable or disable ability to provide additional information about a cell in a scorecard view.

Filter Mode

Use the filter mode to limit the data that is displayed.

Scorecards as reports are not supported in this product. One or more scorecards may only be added to a dashboard as a scorecard, not as a report.

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