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Using the Report component of Dashboard Viewer for SharePoint Services, you can see and interact with different views of data. Reports are presentations of business data in the form of spreadsheets, strategy maps, trend analysis charts, Web pages, SQL Server Reporting Services reports, and various analytic charts and grids. Customized reports can also be designed and added to your dashboard.

To view and interact with a PivotTable report, PivotChart report, or spreadsheet, you must have Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components installed on your computer. If Office 2003 Web Components is not installed on your computer, a red X appears when you try to view a PivotTable report, PivotChart report, or spreadsheet. Contact the IT Administrator if this occurs.

Reports and scorecards in a dashboard can be linked to one or more filters in the dashboard. Filters (typically set up by an Analyst or IT Administrator) are drop-down lists in the dashboard that appear to be separate from reports and scorecards but have the effect of restricting the displayed data according to the selected filter or filters.