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A PivotChart report is an updatable, interactive chart that is created from PivotTable data that enables the user to drag fields of data for analysis. The most popular reason why people use a PivotChart report is to help visualize the data found in a PivotTable report.

The PivotChart report provides a complete, interactive PivotChart experience. For example, you can create a PivotChart report to show the percentage of total beverage sales that occurred in each store in a region.

To view and interact with PivotChart report views, you must have Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components installed on your computer. If Office 2003 Web Components is not installed on your computer, a red X appears when you try to view a PivotTable report, PivotChart report, or spreadsheet.

To obtain Help with PivotChart reports

  1. In Office Report View, on the Office Web Components toolbar, click Help.

    Note   If the Help button does not appear on the Office Web Components toolbar, contact the IT Administrator and ask for the width of the report view to be increased.

  2. In Microsoft Office 2003 Chart Component Help, browse the Table of Contents for instructions, or click the Search tab to use full-text search.