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Apprentice Line Worker


Salary Range

$34,153.60 to $51,625.60 DOQ

Job FLSA Status


Public Safety


Job Details

This is a skilled journeyman apprentice worker involved in the installation, maintenance, alteration and repair of overhead electrical lines, underground lines and electrical substations.
An employee in this class works under the direction of the crew supervisor or lead line worker on both energized and non-energized electric power lines up to 25,000 volts.  Employee is responsible for performing job in a safe and workmanlike manner.  Work is assigned through oral or written instructions and is reviewed based on the safe, proper and effective operation of assigned projects.  Independent judgment is required in analyzing and estimation projects.

Job Duties

Performs skilled work in the reconstructing maintaining and repairing of electrical systems and equipment, including substation, distribution systems, transformers, and power lines.
Performs skilled work in placing and removing crossarms, stringing wires, tapping wires, repairing crossarms and wires, placing and replacing insulators and setting transformers.
Digs holes, frames poles, sets poles, strings wire, hangs transformers, tensions and sags up wire, energizes power lines.
Digs trenches and lays conduit and vaults.
Splices wire and cable.
Inspects, tests, calibrates and adjusts various controls or meters used in the electrical system.
Operates a variety of equipment and trucks, and the use of attached equipment such as power diggers, winches or cranes.
Installs and maintains underground or overhead wiring systems as required.
Provides temporary power connection for contractors.

Installs and connects wire, meters and other electrical services on customer premises.
Sets poles, anchors and support wires.
Trims trees and branches and climbs trees or poles as needed.
Maintains safety practices and procedures.
Keeps inventory, time and material records, as assigned; stocks service vehicles as required.
Insures equipment is in proper working order.
Responds to customer complaints.

Job Qualifications

Education and Experience:
(A) Graduation from high school or GED equivalent and,
(B) Minimum of 2 years’ experience of line worker or graduate of a certified line workers program
(C) OR have a combination of education, training and work experience that is equivalent to the above that provides the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities for this job.

Job Education

(A) Working knowledge of methods, materials and tools used in electrical distribution system maintenance work; Working knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the trade; Considerable knowledge of the principles of electrical theory as applied to electrical circuits and wiring systems and ability to apply this knowledge to work situations.
(B) Skill in operation of the listed tools and equipment; Skill in the operation of first aid methods including artificial respiration and CPR.
(C) Ability to follow proper methods, procedures and safety precautions of line work; Ability to understand and follow complex oral and written instructions; Ability to work under varying weather conditions and extended hours of work.

Job Computer Skills

Valid Georgia Commercial Driver’s License Class A with proper endorsement, or is able to obtain one within 6 months of becoming Apprentice. Employee must be Apprentice for minimum of three years unless previous employment gained more than three years of “HOT LINE” work. Maximum times as Apprentice shall be 5 years. If employee has not passed Line Worker test within 5 years of becoming an Apprentice, employee must revert to Truck Driver status.

City Of Covington Department


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