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Fire Safety Educational Specialist


Salary Range

$37,627 - $55,661 depending upon qualifications

Job FLSA Status

Public Safety


Job Details

Under general direction of the Fire Marshal, the Fire Safety Education Specialist manages the fire safety and public education programs; maintains and presents comprehensive community education programs; coordinates efforts within the department and with associated public safety agencies in the community; and performs related duties as required. Position will remain open until 4:00 p.m. on June 26th, 2013.

Job Duties

Under general direction, manage the fire safety and public education programs; establish, maintain and present comprehensive community education programs; coordinate efforts within the Fire Department and with associated public safety agencies in the community; and to perform related duties as required. Acts as a highly visible, interactive and enthusiastic proponent for community fire safety. Establishes and maintains favorable relationships with local community groups, school organizations, health care and other care giving organizations, business associations, local government officials and agencies, and individuals to foster understanding and support for fire and life safety programs. Develops, coordinates, and presents fire and life safety community education programs. This includes, but is not limited to the following: * School age children and their parents * At risk and disabled adults * Seniors living in elder housing facilities * Employees in corporate workplaces Enhances community safety programs. This includes the following: * Interacts with field personnel to present programs by firefighters, such as station tours, inservice demonstrations, and presentations. * Evaluates the effectiveness and appropriateness of existing safety programs. * Researches, recommends, and implements new safety programs. * Reviews commercially available safety information materials such as brochures, video programs, and visual aids for appropriateness. * Develops additional materials to address local fire and life safety issues. Develops reporting criteria, and maintains appropriate records to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Public Education program. Services as an "after incident" contact for fires and other emergencies to create educational materials for prompt response to lessons learned. Manages the local Juvenile Firesetters program. Coordinates scheduling, budget issues, evaluations, interviews and referrals. Researches and analyzes local and national fire and life safety data to assess and address trends related to human behavior, fire loss, and community safety. Recommends strategies and specific programs to the Fire Marshal to address current safety issues. Coordinates media coverage of public safety information. This includes the following: * Works with the City of Covington media relations office to ensure consistency with other safety information presented by the city. * Provide current and useful public safety information to the Fire Department's internet website. Reviews developments in the public education field and remains current with new information, technologies, and resources. Attends professional meetings; maintains professional associations and discusses matters of mutual interest with other public education professionals. Performs related duties as required to meet the needs of the city. * Takes proper safety precautions to prevent accidents. Responsible for safety of self, others, materials, and equipment. Uses all required safety equipment and follows all safety regulations, policies and procedures. Reports all accidents and damage to city property. * Responsible for knowing and complying with all city and department policies; participating in professional trainings and development; and adhering to attendance and workplace attire policies.

Job Qualifications

(A) Knowledge of educational methodologies and instructional techniques; Knowledge of computers and software; Knowledge of city geography and demographics. (B) Skill in the use of the tools and equipment listed below. (C) Ability to recruit and train department personnel in any aspect of the education program to assist or take the lead in the presentation of prevention, safety or any other programs which may be developed; Ability to work with various work groups within the department and the city/county, and to present positive and professional community safety messages to the public; Demonstrate ability to utilize personal computer technology, audio-visual equipment, and other multi-media resources to create and present effective public safety programming to civic and professional groups, educators, school-age children, the senior community, diverse community groups and the public; Ability to communicate effectively with people of different ages from diverse ethnic, cultural and socio/economic backgrounds; Ability and willingness to provide programming attend meetings during evenings and weekends; Ability to speak and write effectively; Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, supervisors, department heads, agencies, and the general public.

Job Education

(A) Graduation from a college or university with an associate degree in the associated field of Fire Science or Education; and (B) Certification as a firefighter or as otherwise required by current provisions of the Georgia Firefighters Standards and Training Act; and (C) Completion of the Public Fire and Life Safety Educator I and II course offered by the Georgia Fire Academy or completion of equivalent training within one year of entering the position; or (D) An equivalent combination of education and experience.

Job Computer Skills

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