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​Below is a graph illustrating the difference in costs between the City of Covington and 11 other natural gas providers. The graph uses a 12 month bill average of 500 therms. 

Covington 12 months and MAR18 marketer comps. 4.30.18_Page_1.jpg

Natural Gas Rates Apply As Follows

If you are a Natural Gas customer, your gas is billed in MCF (thousand cubic feet), which is what your meter displays. The base charge applies as a minimum bill if no gas is consumed. Each month’s gas bill will consist of (1) a base charge consumed (2) cost of gas and (3) City distribution fee. Effective with bills rendered on and after April 1, 2015.


Residential/Small Commercial
Residential base service charge per month, minimum bill                                  $11.95
Small Commercial base charge per month                                                          $13.50
City Distribution Fee                                                                                           $7.05
Medium Commercial
Customers consuming >100MCF per month qualify for Medium Commercial
Base Charge                                                                                                       $27.50
City Distribution Fee                                                                                          $3.20
Large Commercial and Industrial
Customers consuming >700MCF per month qualify for Large Commercial
Base charge                                                                                                      $55.00
City Distribution Fee                                                                                        $2.95
Interruptible Customer
 Customers consuming >1000MCF per month qualify for Interruptible
Standard Interruptible Service, Schedule G-I base charge                            
 City Distribution Fee                                                                                        $100.00
First 5,000 MMBtu per month                                                                           $1.85
Next 20,000 MMBtu per month                                                                        $0.55
25,001-50,000 MMBtu per month                                                                    $0.40
50,001-100,000 MMBtu per month                                                                  $0.30
Over 100,000 MMBtu per month                                                                      $0.20
Large Interruptible Customer
Customers consuming>15,000MCF per month qualify for large Interruptible
Large Interruptible Service, Schedule GL-1 base charge
City Distribution Fee                                                                                         $100.00
First 5,000 MMBtu per month                                                                          $0.55
Next 20,000 MMBtu per month                                                                        $0.55
25,001-50,000 MMBtu per month                                                                    $0.40
50,001-100,000 MMBtu per month                                                                  $0.30
Over 100,000 MMBtu per month                                                                      $0.20

For more information on our rates and our commercial and large industry rate, call our

customer service department at 770-385-2000.