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To receive a rebate on Natural Gas appliances you must install a gas appliance or replace an electric appliance with a gas appliance. The following rebates will apply:


Appliance​ ​Amount of Rebate
Gas Water Heater​ ​$200.00
Clothes Dryer ​$50.00
​Gas Range ​$50.00
Gas Logs​ ​$50.00
Gas Lighting​ ​$50.00
Gas Grill​ ​$50.00


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To Apply, Click Here: APPLICATION​

Natural Gas Rebates Available:

To be eligible for rebate you must be replacing an electric appliance with a gas 

appliance on all of the items below except the tank-less water heater.

Natural Gas Tank-less – $200

Natural Gas Tank Type – $200

Natural Gas Stove – $50

Natural Gas Dryer – $50

Natural Gas Grill – $50

Natural Gas Logs – $50

Natural Gas Lights $50