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The City of Covington has been providing residents of Covington, Newton County, parts of South Walton County with dependable utility services for more than 110 years. The City of Covington owns and operates its own local gas and electrical systems. The City is partnered with the MGAG (Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia) and MEAG (Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia) Power, two joint action agencies comprised of cities across Georgia and other states.
The City has been providing gas service since 1956 so whether you're cooking your dinner, drying your laundry, heating your home, or bathing your child, natural gas gives you many advantages - value, efficiency, reliability, dependability, safety and comfort- for less cost than other energy sources. Natural gas is the dominant energy source for home heating with more than 53% of American homes using gas.
Since 1902, the City of Covington has been providing electricity to the homes and businesses of our community. In addition to standard electric services, we also offer services such as security lighting, energy audits and surge protection.
The City of Covington is a member of MEAG (Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia) Power, a joint action agency comprised of 48 municipalities across the state that generates and distributes electricity to publicly owned systems.  MEAG is the principal supplier of electricity to Covington.  The City also acquires electricity from SEPA (the Southeastern Power Administration) and purchases additional power as needed from the wholesale power market.
Because we are located here in the community, we can respond to customer needs quickly.  Although our office operates during standard business hours, emergency service is provided 24/7.  
Revenue generated from utility sales is used to upgrade and maintain local services, thus keeping the tax rate low. We have no stockholders to whom we pay dividends, so the revenue is reinvested back into Covington and Newton County, providing benefits not just to our citizens, but to everyone who drives on our streets or passes through town.
Call 811 or 800.282.7411 before you dig. know what's below.