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​GIS Products & Services
The City of Covington/Newton County GIS Department provides products and services to other agencies and to the general public. In general, such products and services include:
Digital data - the base upon which all other GIS products are built
Spatial analysis - a means to combine data from many sources to solve problems
Hardcopy maps - plotted with unlimited combinations of data layers at any scale
Reports - primarily the result of a query or spatial analysis
Training - provided to the staff of Local Government Agencies
Customer Service - prompt and courteous assistance to the general public and to all clients
Specific data currently includes:
Parcel Boundaries with Assessment Data -
2013 Color Aerial Photos, 4-band, 6-inch pixel resolution for the entire county.
2016 Color Aerial Photos – available this summer
Road Centerlines
City Limit and Urban Growth Area Boundaries
Utility Data
Land Use
Political Boundaries
Census Data
Fema Flood Plain
Soils Data
Geological Data
And More!
 For Current Pricing, Click Here:GIS pricing2017.pdfGIS pricing2017.pdf
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Covington/Newton GIS
1113 Usher St., Suite 302
Covington, GA 30014
Phone (678) 625-1619
Fax (770) 787-3963