Raising Economic Development to an Art Form

The City of Covington is a vibrant and diverse community, economically and socially. Our residents value their community- oriented lifestyles, a range of educational institutions and a long history of quality economic development. Here's to an even brighter future.

The City of Covington is ...

  • Retaining and growing diverse industry based jobs
  • Creating competitive and unique job and lifestyle choices
  • Developing a new local economy based on energy, agriculture, health services and the the environment.

The City of Covington's leadership and management team is distinctly aware that as a community’s needs change, and as development is more broadly defined to include social as well as economic indicators of progress, sustainable development and planned growth initiatives will continue to take hold. It is the Mayor and Council’s desire for the local economy to grow and prosper in the way that recognizes the importance of improving the quality of life as well as the economy’s overall productivity and income levels.

An Economic Development Strategy for Covington/Newton County
In 2008 Newton County leaders – the Newton County Commission, the City of Covington, the Newton County Board of Education, the Newton County Water and Sewage Authority and the municipalities of Oxford and Porterdale identified economic development as one of their most important issues and sought a comprehensive approach to growing the Newton County economy using a model that sustainable, uses traditional and non-traditional approaches and preserves the natural resources.

The Economic Development Strategy for Covington/Newton County GA. has four goals

  1. Encourage high quality development of all scales and types
  2. Create and attract a diverse job base
  3. Maximize educational opportunity and choice at all levels
  4. Enhance the County’s “quality of life”

The approach has 12 Strategies based on three thematic areas

  1. Expand the Business and Technology Sector
  2. Increase Retail and Downtown Development
  3. Enhance Overall Quality of Life

The 12 Strategies

  1. Retain and Expand the Existing Business Sector
  2. Increase the marketability and success of Stanton Joint Development Park
  3. Enhance Covington’s Airport’s role as key asset to the community
  4. Enhance the character and the economic viability of exiting airport-area Industrial/Business district
  5. Promote and market future office development
  6. Expand scope, variety and quality of retail sector county-wide
  7. Expand scope, variety and quality of retail in Downtown Covington
  8. Preserve and promote small-town environment
  9. Protect natural resources and promote sustainability
  10. Promote local agriculture and other economic uses of green land
  11. Expand educational opportunities
  12. Promote lifelong learning

The City of Covington is an active participant in the pursuit of local and regional economic development and strategies. Whether you are seeking employment, considering relocation of your existing business or starting a brand new endeavor, The City of Covington is a smart choice.