Covington boasts four accredited departments to serve its citizens and guests. In addition, 350 employees work every day with the singular goal to make Covington the finest city in the south. Our team not only works here, they live and play here and their commitment to Covington very real. Say hello.
  • Audra Gutierrez

    City Clerk

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  • Bobby Johnson

    IT Director

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  • Brian Yoder

    Asst. Public Works Director

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  • DJ Waller

    Tourism Coordinator

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  • Freddy Morgan

    Assistant City Manager

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  • Jeremy Holmes

    Fire Chief

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  • John King

    Airport / Street Dept. Manager

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  • Kevin Sorrow

    Public Works Director

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  • Luther Bouchillon

    Building Maintenance / Parks & Cemeteries Manager

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  • Mike Jewell

    Natural Gas Director

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  • Nic Matthews

    Downtown Coordinator

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  • Paul Dailey

    Human Resources Director

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  • Randy Smith

    Finance Director

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  • Robert Barber

    Water / Sewer Manager

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  • Scott Andrews, Ed.D.

    City Manager

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  • Stacey Cotton

    Police Chief

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  • Stephanie Finnie

    Court Clerk

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  • Tiffany Johnston

    Customer Service Manager

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  • Tres Thomas

    Planning & Development Director

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  • Trey Sanders

    Community Development Director

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  • Trudy Henry

    911 Director

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  • William Smith

    Economic Development Manager

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  • Scott Andrews, Ed.D.

    City Manager

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  • Fleeta Baggett

    East COC Council

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  • Don Floyd

    East COC Council

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  • Anthony Henderson

    West COC Council

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  • Steve Horton


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  • Susie Keck

    East COC Council

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  • Kenneth Morgan

    West COC Council

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  • Hawnethia Williams

    West COC Council

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