CNG Station

The City of Covington currently operates the Green Fuels Facility, a compressed natural gas station, for public use.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), is available to the public at $1.95 per gallon of gasoline equivalent.  Customers can use personal credit cards to purchase fuel. Please contact us should you be interested in establishing a fleet account. ​ 


Location: 10010 City Pond Rd. Covington, Ga. 

Access: 24-hours.

GPS Coordinates: 33°37'06.7"N 83°50'37.3"W​

Phone: 770.385.2000

School bus at CNG station

The Newton County School System has a schoolbus that uses compressed natural gas!

natural gas qr code

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natural gas qr code

The CNG Station is conveniently located right off of Interstate 20 in Covington.