Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Marshal oversees all activities within the Fire Prevention Division.

These activities include:

  • Inspection of buildings
  • Investigation of fires
  • Enforcement of state laws and local ordinances pertaining to fire prevention
  • Plan review
  • Recordkeeping
  • Data Management
  • Education of the public


The Fire Marshal also participates in the development of short and long-term goals for the Fire Department's Strategic Plan.  More detailed activities of the Fire Marshal's Office can be viewed in the Covington Fire Department's Annual Report.


Plan Review

The Fire Marshal conducts plan reviews and fire inspections for code compliance.  The Covington Fire Department evaluates all commercial Construction projects for code compliance in the following areas:

  • Site Plans
  • Architectural Plans
  • Fire Sprinkler Plans
  • Fire Alarm Plans
  • Alternate Fire Suppression Systems
  • Accessibility


In the review process, the Fire Marshal examine:

  • Emergency vehicle access
  • Fire hydrant location
  • Access for the general public
  • Compliance pertaining to the Life Safety Code
  • The Handicapped Code
  • The State Code
  • The International Fire Code
  • Any other code applicable within the city Ordinance

Plans for fire sprinkler protection systems are reviewed for all buildings where required in both industrial and commercial applications (see the City of Covington Sprinkler Ordinance for details.)

The Process
After an individual obtains a permit, plans are electronically submitted to the City of Covington's Planning and Zoning Department.  Plan Review usually takes three to five business days.  When there is deficiency with the plans, the Fire Marshal notes the deficiency and may return the plans to the appropriate person for corrections.


The Fire Marshal's Office conducts inspections on new buildings and on an annual basis for code compliance.  The office also handles complaints and provides assistance to fire suppression crews when the crew comes across a technical code issue they are unable to address.  Inspections are conducted in the following areas:

  • Life Safety
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems


The Process

During the construction or renovation process the Fire Department requires inspections to ensure conformity to the approved plans and compliance to all applicable codes and ordinances.  A Fire Department Inspector conducts an on-site inspection at least twice: at the 80% stage and then at the 100% completion of the project.  When applicable, an inspector will require an inspection of the fire sprinkler system.  Normally, we will perform an inspection the day following the request.  If a project fails an inspection, we will schedule another time to re-inspect.  Once a project passes the final inspection, a certificate of occupancy is issued. 

For Plan Review questions, you can reach the Fire Marshal at (770) 385-2155.