The Covington Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is composed of nine members appointed by Mayor and Council. Each member of the HPC serves a period of three years. The HPC makes recommendations to Mayor and Council on specific places, sites, districts, buildings and structures to be designated by ordinance as historic properties or historic districts.

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Historic Preservation Commission Meetings & Members

2024 HPC Meeting Schedule


Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Commission Members

John Conklin

Rosie Crawford

Janet Goodman

Heather King

Ray Lustenberger (Chair)

Jim Maxwell

Barbara Schmitt

Monique Snow



Properties which qualify for designation as historic districts are geographically definable areas which contain buildings, structures, sites, objects, and landscape features, or a combination thereof, which:

  • ​Have special character or special historic or aesthetic value or interest; or 
  • Represent one or more periods, styles or types of architecture typical of one or more eras in the history of the city, county, state or region; and 
  • Cause such areas by reason of such factors, to constitute a visibly perceptible section of the city.

The HPC reviews applications for Certificates of Appropriateness (COA) when a property owner proposes to make material changes to the appearance of an historic property within either of Covington’s historic districts.

Certificate of Appropriateness FAQs

View of white antebellum house and sidewalk

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