Mayor's Corner

Covington is a special place and the primary reason for that is the people that make up our wonderful town. Being part of a vibrant community comes with a responsibility and I want to address something that is everyone's obligation.

I have invested in this community because I believe in this community and I believe in the people that live in our community. I ask you to please get involved. Find a way that works for you and become a part of the team with the simple goal of making Covington second to none.

Age, race, religion and income have no bearing on it. In fact, the more diversity we can bring to it, the better. I’m referring to Community Involvement. That is a simple term that has a broad meaning. And most likely, means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

The bottom line is this: to have a thriving community that prospers, where commerce booms and citizens become tighter knit, people have to be involved. It might be church involvement, little league or recreational sports. Perhaps participating in activities on the Covington Square like concerts or the numerous holiday events we have. Volunteering might be one of the most important forms of community involvement. Volunteering at a church during a food drive or a back-to-school activity are obviously worthy causes.

What about civic involvement? When is the last time you attended a City Council meeting? You have a standing invitation to come. Did you vote during the last election? How about volunteering on a committee that interests you. You can get involved in that by contacting your council member or myself.

Further, I’m optimistic that together we can create a way to get all citizens involved at a level and a consistency that fosters a powerful community movement that has a common goal. That goal is to make our city the number one place to live, work and create in the state of Southeast. 

John King, Covington Airport Director, and two friends outside the airport terminal

Covington’s local airport has a 5,500-foot runway that is capable of accommodating a wide variety of general aviation and corporate level aircraft and their fueling needs.  

Community Work Program

The Short-Term Work Program (2018-2022), updated every five years, provides a list of specific activities that the community plans to address as immediate priorities. Download the Full Comprehensive Plan to learn more.